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Who We Are

Northern Canada's Ultimate 5-Star Air Charter Service

Wings Over Kississing provides air charter solutions from executive to wilderness travel, based in the heart of the Canadian Shield. With decades of experience and a fleet of over 25 aircraft, there is barely a cabin or airstrip in the north we have not landed at. Wherever you’re your looking to go, we can take you there. We hope you’ll join us!

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Float plane docking
Where We Operate

Wings Over Kississing is the premiere choice for air charter solutions in Canada’s North. We operate out of Winnipeg and Steinbach, and several bases in the north, including Flin Flon, Thompson, Lynn Lake, Churchill, and Stony Rapids, as well as Mosquito Lake in the Northwest Territories and Dubawnt Lake in Nunavut.

Planes on the tarmack
What We Operate

Our diverse fleet of over 25 aircraft, including single and multi-engines on wheels, floats, and wheel skis offers a full spectrum of flight requirements. Currently, the Wings Over Kississing fleet includes a King Air 100s, Grand Caravans, Turbo Otters, Piston Beavers, Cessna 206s, and a Cessna 185.

Float plane docked at fishing resort
Who We Serve

Our many clients include lodge owners and outfitters, the mining industry, Manitoba Hydro, First Nations, government, hunters and trappers, business executives, tourists and private cabin owners. We also offer aircraft maintenance services, including structures, paint, and avionics to several companies throughout Canada who rely on our experience and expertise.

Plane coming out of the hangar
Equipment & Facilities

With multiple hangars and cargo buildings, as well as a variety of support equipment, including forklifts, skid steers and wheel drive loaders, Wings Over Kississing can accommodate your every need. We also offer fridge and freezer services for transporting fresh and frozen goods. For the increased comfort of our clients we have recently built some of the nicest executive lounges you’ll find north of the 55th parallel.

Wings Over Kississing staff
Our People

Many of the attributes of the hospitality industry have been incorporated into the culture and attitude of our organization. Our team of aircraft mechanics, maintenance managers, quality assurance personnel and office staff are smart, kind and caring individuals who are truly the best in the business! Find out more about our company culture in “The Kississing Family” section of our website.

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Our Story

An Aviation Dream Come True

Wings Over Kississing was born in 2007, after the long-time owners of Jackson Air Services approached Curt and Juanita Enns to see if they wanted to take over the air service in Flin Flon. But our story began long before then…

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Curt and his Dad, Bob
Where It All Began

Curt Enns, owner and operator of Wings Over Kississing, has been living, working and thriving in Canada’s north for more than 30 years. Curt was 17 years old when he obtained his private pilot license, by the age of 18 he had his commercial pilot license and by age 22 he gained his Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license. Curt had aspirations of becoming a pilot from an early age, inspired by his father, Ike Enns, also an active member in the aviation and tourism industry. Ike taught Curt how to fly floats and many conversations about flying and aviation were shared at the dinner table. Through the years Ike has been a solid sounding board and continues to be Curt’s closest confidant.

Planes on the tarmack
Kississing Lake Lodge

In 1990, at the age of 18, Curt began managing Kississing Lake Lodge. Curt and his wife Juanita eventually purchased the lodge from Curt’s parents, Ike and Liz Enns. With two floatplanes, Kississing Lodge offered air services solely to guests traveling to and from the lodge. As the business grew, more planes were added to the fleet and experienced pilots were hired to assist Curt with flying the guests.

Curt and Bob Ferguson
Invaluable Expertise

The first hangar owned by Curt in Flin Flon, which Kississing Lodge guests were flown out of, was right next to Bob Ferguson’s, former owner of Parson’s Airways and a pioneer in aviation bush work. Curt maintained a close relationship with Bob for nearly 15 years and Bob’s expertise in the industry has been truly invaluable. When Bob passed away his family handed over the company portfolio of clients and work over to Curt.

Bill and Alice Jackson

Curt maintains a solid and healthy relationship with Bill and Alice Jackson. Bill is a stalwart in the industry and offers a tremendous amount of experience and expertise. He is a welcome addition at coffee breaks and has been a great support over the years. Rudy Hoffman, former Senior Line Pilot with Jackson Air, is also a familiar face, sharing his stories and experiences with the team during his visits to Flin Flon.

Rudy Hoffman
Unparalleled Experience

Rudy, Bill, Bob and Curt’s dad Ike have over 200 years of combined experience in the aviation industry. These men have had a huge influence on Curt, and many of his ideas and best practices have come from his countless discussions with these talented men.

Stony Rapids Float Dock
Continuing Growth

With our expertise and experience, we continue to grow, recently opening a new base in Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan. Stony Rapids is located 51 miles south of the SK and NWT border, adjacent to the Fond du Lac River. Like most northern communities, Stony Rapids relies on air for vital year-round transportation. We are reaching out to remote communities like this to provide essential flight service to those in need.

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5-Star Service

Building on a Tradition of Trust

Flying in the Canadian wilderness is an unforgettable experience. Whether flying for business or pleasure; on wheels, floats or skis, we strive to make your experience with us extraordinary. Please join us and see for yourself why we have clients who have been flying with us for over 25 years.

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Float plane docking
Trust our Commitment to SAFETY

Is safety your top priority? Ours too. We keep safety top of mind all day, every day and it shows in the way we manage details. In fact, Wings Over Kississing owns, operates, manages and maintains all of our own aircraft, ensuring a flawless safety record. We strictly adhere to Transport Canada guidelines and often go a few extra steps, just for our own peace of mind. The majority of our fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art, real-time tracking systems so we can monitor your location at all times, and the King Air 100s are equipped with TAWS and CVRs. We attribute our exceptional safety record to our diligent maintenance team, constantly updated quality assurance programs and excellent communication within the organization.

Planes on the tarmack
Trust our Attentiveness to COMFORT

You’ll appreciate the personable and professional talents of our Wings Over Kississing crew. Many are trained in the hospitality industry, which sets us apart from other Northern airline operations. They are smart, kind and caring individuals that have been handpicked to serve our clients in this unique part of the world. And our flight operation bases are some of the nicest you’ll find in the North. Before we take off, enjoy coffee and complimentary wifi. We’re set up with everything you need to get the job done. If you’ve got a special request, let us know! We would love the opportunity to serve you with class and comfort.

Float plane docked at fishing resort
Trust our Assurance of CAPACITY

Our fleet includes Turbo Otters, Piston Beavers, Cessna 206s and a 185 on floats, wheels or skis, as well as Caravans on wheels or floats, and King Air 100s. Special certification for external loads allows us to transport cargo, such as boats, canoes, and lumber. Our facilities and equipment include multiple maintenance/flight operations hangars, cargo buildings, forklifts, skid steers, wheel drive loaders and walk-in freezers and coolers to accommodate your every need. There’s no job we can’t handle!

Plane coming out of the hangar
Trust our Reputation for FLEXIBILITY

Wings Over Kississing operates out of Winnipeg and Steinbach, and several bases in the North including Flin Flon, Thompson, Lynn Lake, Churchill, Stony Rapids, and the Far North including Mosquito Lake, Northwest Territories and Dubawnt Lake, Nunavut. Because of the diversity and size of our fleet, we’re able to offer the most flexible aviation services in the North. Whenever and wherever you need to go, Wings Over Kississing is ready and available. Last minute change of plans? Not to worry! Our one-stop shop means we can accommodate changes down to the wire, from itinerary reschedules to cargo capacities. Just leave it to us!

Plane coming out of the hangar
Trust our Promise of RELIABILITY

We provide unrivalled service for industry and tourism in the North. Our many loyal clients include lodge owners and outfitters, commercial fishermen, government, hydro, mining industries and First Nations who count on our hospitality, dependability, discretion and professionalism. We also offer aircraft maintenance services to several companies that rely on our expertise in operations and maintenance; our Aircraft Management services offer access to experienced pilots and aviation professionals, lower insurance costs and peace of mind. Experience counts. Our undisputed knowledge of the North, thanks to decades of combined experience, makes us the premier choice for air charter services in northern Canada.

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Mission & Values

At the Core of Our Organization

We love what we do and are passionate about flying. But we are so much more than just an air charter service provider. We care about people; our employees, clients, suppliers and the communities we serve in. Our goal is to be a safe, friendly and honest organization that runs with excellence in everything we do.

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Our Mission
  • To deliver comfortable, safe and pleasurable flight experiences for each and every customer, every time out.
  • To conduct our business operations in a manner which ensures prosperity, fulfillment and trust.
Our Values
  • We are committed to a “customer first” operations focus, which ensures all of our decisions are made for the benefit of those we serve.
  • Our personnel and teams are vigorously trained to ensure safety protocols and procedures are pursued at all times.
  • We strive daily to make positive and enriched contributions to the lives of all those we serve – our customers, our staff, our suppliers and partners, as well as our families.
  • The Kississing Family of companies ascribes to the timeless principles of respect and accountability. We embrace each person we come into contact with and are proud of our culture of trust and acceptance.
Boys getting a helicopter ride
We Love Our Communities!

Wings Over Kississing performs many flights annually at little to no charge to support community organizations, schools, charities, shelters and youth drop-in centres. Through this support, hundreds of people experience their first airplane ride with Wings Over Kississing every year. When you choose to fly with Wings Over Kississing, you’re helping the communities we operate in flourish.

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The Kississing Family

The Kississing Family

A Family Approach

Wings Over Kississing is privately owned and managed by Curt and Juanita Enns. With hard work and the belief that dreams come true, we’ve expanded our services throughout the North and built and assembled a team of talented and caring people that are the best in the industry to serve you.

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Playing table tennis

Our expertise in the North, flawless safety record and meticulous attention to service and detail is unrivalled…thanks to our incredible staff. Our aircraft engineers and mechanics, quality assurance managers, office administration staff, pilots and crew are the best at what they do. They are also loyal, conscientious and consummate professionals. Creating the best team around is good business, but it’s so much more than that. We really are a family company.

The Enns Family

Over the years, we’ve watched our employees grow and come in to their own. We’ve bought each other housewarming gifts and attended each other’s weddings. As we grow, we are committed to maintaining and nurturing our unique family culture. The Wings Over Kississing staff love coming to work and are passionate about their jobs. That makes us more than a business. We’re a family…one that just happens to be the safest, friendliest, best aviation company in the North.

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